Over the next five years, our foundation has set its sights on achieving significant milestones to ensure a healthier, more supportive journey for preterm babies and their families

Holistic Health and Development

We aim to support hospitals and clinics in adopting a 360-degree model that not only focuses on medical intervention but also on nurturing the overall development of preterm babies through the provision of kindles, toys, and other educational materials.

Parental Empowerment

Recognising that the journey is shared, we will provide comprehensive parental support, offering services such as shuttle transportation to ease access to medical care and alleviate the logistical challenges families often face.

Emotional and Psychological Well-being

Understanding the psychological impact of preterm birth on families, we will offer psychosocial support, creating an environment where warmth, love, and joy can flourish amidst the challenges.

Harnessing Technology

The L&M Foundation will develop and leverage digital programming tools and apps to provide real-time support, educational resources, and a platform for partner engagement, making support accessible at the touch of a button.

Engagement and Growth

We are driven to grow our reach and impact through strategic fundraising efforts and community engagement, fostering a supportive network that can share in the celebration of life’s little miracles.