Together for Tomorrow: Advocating for Preterm Babies

Our Vision

At the heart of every endeavour, the L&M Foundation stands as a beam of hope and resilience. We are an international non-profit organisation dedicated to transforming the lives of mothers, preterm children, and their families by providing them with the care, support, and education necessary to thrive in the first critical 1000 days and beyond.

Our Mission

To foster a world where every preterm birth is met with the best possible outcome, the L&M Foundation is committed to spearheading a comprehensive approach to prevention, treatment, and care. We recognise the need for a robust support system that encompasses everything from state-of-the-art hospital services to the gentle comforts of psychosocial assistance.

Our Story

Founded on a singular vision of hope, the L&M Foundation is distinctively built for the love of all children. Born from a place of compassion, we journey together with families during the pivotal first 1000 days of a child’s life, fostering growth, strength, and unlimited possibilities.

Our Commitment

The L&M Foundation is more than a charity—it is a movement. A movement that celebrates life every day and engages communities to change the narrative around preterm births. By collaborating with world-class partners across the public and private sectors, we aim to cultivate evidence-based solutions for preterm care and development.

Together, we are the stewards of hope, creating cohesive and concerted global efforts that ensure no family walks their journey alone. Our foundation is dedicated to forging a hopeful pathway for preterm babies and their families to live lives filled with joy and the opportunity to realise their full potential.