Preterm Baby Reno's Remarkable Journey with the L&M Foundation

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Reno is a preterm boy born at just 33 weeks of gestation. His arrival was a delicate one, with a birth weight of only 2050 grams.

Reno's journey began with serious health challenges; he was unable to react, move, or even breathe independently. His tiny body required the support of a medical tube for respiration, and his weight was below the normal range. His ability to feed was compromised, as he struggled to suckle effectively.

Reno was born in the hospital supported by the L&M Foundation. Doctors quickly recognized the critical nature of Reno's condition, diagnosing him with moderate asphyxia and hypoglycemia—common complications of preterm birth. We provided comprehensive care for Reno, with a series of support tailored to his needs.

  • Reno received medical support in NICU supported by the L&M Foundation
  • We understood the importance of nutrition and provided his mother with knowledge about breastfeeding to aid his development.
  • Project team offered psychosocial support to Reno's family, easing their emotional burden and equipping them with the skills to care for their preterm child.  

The outcomes we've witnessed are nothing short of remarkable. Reno's growth and development have soared—he now breathes without the aid of medical tubes, and his weight and body length are on par with normal standards. He now moves parts of his body and can even smile.

What's equally heartwarming is watching Reno breastfeed adequately, a milestone that signifies not only nourishment but also a beautiful bond forming between him and his mother. The mother's psychological well-being has vastly improved, which is indicative of the family's growing confidence in caring for Reno independently.

Reno's story is a powerful testament to the impact of the L&M Foundation's commitment to preterm babies and their families during the first 1000 days of life.

Through continued support and interventions, the L&M Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that preterm babies have the best possible start in life. His journey from a fragile beginning to a thriving 3-month-old is one of the many success stories we are honoured to share.