High-risk pregnant mother Dampingan D.’s story of resilience

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Dampingan D.'s journey through motherhood at the age of 24 is a testament to the resilience found within families of preterm babies amidst economic hardships. Together with her husband and two young children, she navigates the challenges of life below the economic average in a modest home where she is a full-time homemaker. She battles high blood pressure, an affliction that runs in her family and is exacerbated by her husband's smoking habit.

When Dampingan D. first met L&M Foundation’s field team, she displayed a healthy exterior regardless of her high blood pressure.

The combination of the family's lifestyle (smoking) and genetic factors posed significant risks to her health, particularly during her pregnancy. She was at high-risk of preterm delivery.

However due to support from our field team, she was vigilant in attending regular medical check-ups, monitoring her blood pressure and urine protein levels to safeguard her maternal health. Due to timely intervention and support provided by the L&M Foundation, her child was born at full term. However, due to child’s low birth weight, he was admitted at our partner hospital to receive NICU services. Here, the baby received meticulous care involving airway management, temperature control, nutritional support via infusions and breastfeeding, and rigorous infection prevention, including antibiotic administration. After leaving the hospital, the baby thrived on exclusive breastfeeding and the tender care of the Kangaroo method, skills taught to mothers by L&M Foundation.

To support Dampingan D. and her family, L&M Foundation stepped in with health education on caring for preterm infants and managing her own health.

The post-discharge phase included a structured control schedule for medical visits and continued guidance through counselling, ensuring a supportive network remained intact.

The story of Dampingan D. and her child is one of overcoming adversity through determination and highlights the profound impact of personalized hospital-based support and education offered by L&M Foundation on the health and well-being of both mother and child through first 1000 days of life.