Preterm Baby Christeen's Tiny Steps Towards Progress

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Christeen is a courageous little girl who has faced significant health challenges since her preterm birth. Born in her 28th week of gestation, she weighed a mere 950 grams, making her fight for survival. In her earliest months, Christeen displayed no reactions; she couldn't move, smile, or even cry, which caused much concern for her loving family.

Our medical experts has diagnosed her with several complications of preterm birth including developmental delay. Despite these hurdles, Christeen and her family have not given up. With the help of our dedicated field team, we've provided Christeen with a range of essential services over the year including,

  • Lifesaving medicine support to her specific needs, helping manage and reduce the frequency of her epileptic episodes.
  • Nutrition support to foster her growth and overall health.
  • Psychosocial support to her family members, improving their ability to cope and care for her effectively.

The positive outcomes observed during first 1000 days of her life are a testament to the resilience and strength of Christeen and her family, as well as the efficacy of the support provided by the L&M Foundation. Christeen now exhibits the ability to smile and shows increased mobility in her body parts. Her leg movements have improved, indicating progress in her brain development.

Moreover, there is a notable improvement in the psychological well-being of Christeen's mother. This success underscores the vital role of providing comprehensive care that addresses not only the medical needs of the child but also the emotional and social health of the family.

Christeen's journey is far from over, but with early and timely interventions we have been able to save her life and manage complications arising from preterm birth. Her case exemplifies our commitment to nurturing the well-being of preterm and supporting them throughout the first 1000 days of life. We are proud of our contribution in Christeen’s life journey, ensuring she can reach her full potential.